When I started at Procore, one of my first tasks was to create downloadable case studies based on transcribed client interviews. At the time, Procore was using a stock template purchased online that was less than ideal in many ways. Not only did it look very outdated and out of sync with the rest of the brand, but it wasted a tremendous amount of space, resulting in each document being significantly longer than necessary.
After spending hours recreating the same thing over and over, I knew a change was needed. So in my free time between projects, I took it upon myself to redesign the case study template from the ground up. My primary goals were to simplify and modernize the design, condense the information, and reduce production time. In the end, every goal was met—and production time was reduced by more than 60%.
Above, you can see a few examples of completed case studies with the new design. Below, you can see how one case study was reduced from nine pages to just five, while maintaining the exact same copy.
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